Trash Removal

When it comes to trash removal and junk hoarding clean outs, one of the easiest and cost-effective choices you can make is to have an onsite dumpster. Many people feel that it’s too big a task to deal with loading the dumpster so they have us do the heavy lifting. A-LOT-CLEANER, INC. isn’t just a dumpster rental company, we are also a trash removal & hoarding cleanout service. If you are looking to clean up a space or just get rid of old junk, call us today for a free quote. We can clean out your house, yard or business, whether it’s an attic that needs cleaning out or an entire house filled with years of accumulation.

We know the proper way to remove  the larger items you may not have the time, resources, or strength to remove. We can dispose of the following items:

Appliances (stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers,hot water heaters, boilers) Indoor furniture (kitchenware, tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks, entertainment centers, mattresses)

Household items disposal (dishes,  kitchen appliances, silverware, clothing, bedding, tools and more) Entertainment (paraphernalia pool tables, television sets, stereo equipment)  Fitness equipment (Treadmills, weights, trampolines)               Outdoor demolition and removal  (swing sets, above ground pools, sheds,  boats, hot tubs, outdoor furniture playsets) Renovation project discards (tile, sheet rock, vinyl floor, carpet removal, construction debris removal, decks) Large Garbage Pick up and home trash removal

Junk Clean outs for Homeowners, Hoarder House Clean outs

We also offer junk-hoarder clean-out services with sensitivity and respect of your privacy.  Our team is organized, courteous and professional. We understand that hoarding is a sensitive issue and people who hoard, hang onto things for reasons beyond what others may not understand. If your stuff is taking over your home and you’ve become overwhelmed, call A-LOT-CLEANER, INC. now for a free quote 732-244-8980. Help is on the way. We will tidy up your space and leave it broom swept.

Junk Clean Outs for Landlords

Landlords can become overwhelmed if they’ve found out their previous tenant was a hoarder, but we are here to tell you there’s no need to be overwhelmed. We will help you with all of your hoarder house clean out needs and leave your property in broom swept condition. If you’ve purchased a house to flip, we can clean out the contents of the home and rip up carpeting as well.If you are faced with a tenant eviction clean out, you can count on us for rapid removal of debris and proper disposal. We do recycle as much as possible to local organizations and those in need, while eliminating as much waste as possible from going to the landfill.

Please beware of non-licensed, non-insured companies who ask for a deposit before doing the work.

Furniture Removal

We pay careful attention to your property when our crew is working to remove your furniture. As a licensed and insured home improvement contractor and solid waste hauler, you can rest assured you are in good hands with us. We donate furniture if its in good or gently used condition. Being environmentally conscious we recycling and reuse  before we dump furniture at the landfill. Furniture  in households with pets or smokers typically ends up in the landfill.


Baseline costs for trash removal:

For 2 1/2 yards of debris up to 1,000 lbs of volume, starting at $135 which includes one man hour of loading.

For 5 yards of debris up to 2,000 lbs of volume, starting at $235.00 which includes one man hour of loading.

For 7 ½ yards of debris up to 3,000 lbs of volume, starting at $335.00 which includes one man hour of loading.

For 10 yards of debris up to 4,000 lbs of volume, starting at $435.00 which includes one man hour of loading.

Certain prohibited items such as television sets, paint, refrigerators have to be disposed of separately, and wouldn’t be included in the volume costs.

After discussing your project with us, we can determine how many men will be needed to load.

Dumpsters and Junk Removal in Whiting, NJ Locations

We serve all the communities in Whiting for Dumpster rentals and trash removal services, including the retirement communities below:

Cedar Glen Lakes
Crestwood Village 1
Crestwood Village 2
Crestwood Village 3
Crestwood Village 4
Crestwood Village 5
Crestwood Village 6
Crestwood Village 7
Country Walk of Lake Ridge
Lennar at Lake Ridge
Meadows at Lake Ridge

Dumpster rentals, junk removal & cleanout services are also  available in Cassville, Jackson, Lacey Twp, Lakehurst, New Egypt, Manchester, Cream Ridge and more. We service all of Ocean County.